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Iran confirms intention to provide more missiles

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Iran has once more signaled its intention to feed the Palestinian cause with munitions, money, and political support. The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has publicly announced the intention to continue providing Fajr 5 missiles and components to Hamas and rebel elements within Palestinian territories.

We are saddened by the continuation of violence in this region and are also somewhat amazed to read continual references to a “peace process”. It appears that the cease fire is a matter of convenience to belligerents and is more of an opportunity for the rebel factions to reposition and rearm.

The only effective peace process is to be found within the hearts of men and then only if they will allow it.

The Fajr-5 is a very significant missile with considerable destructive potential and range as the reader can see from the specifications noted below (


The Fadjr-5 uses a solid propellant 333 mm unguided rocket with fins that unfold after launch and the rockets can be launched with an ambient temperature of between -40 to +50ºC. This Fadjr-5 rocket has a maximum range of 75 km with a claimed CEP (circular error of probability) of 4% of range. The rocket is 6.485 m long and has a launch weight of 915 kg with the High Explosive (HE) warhead being fitted with an impact or proximity fuze but other types of warhead could be fitted including sub-munition and HE incendiary,HE-FRAG and smoke. . The Fadjr-5 system has a rate of fire of one rocket every four or eight seconds and replacement 333 mm Fadjr-5 rockets are packed one to a crate which weighs 1.21 tonnes. The rockets can be launched singly or in ripple fire and once the launcher has expended its rockets it would normally deploy to another position when new rockets would be loaded using a crane.



Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani revealed that Tehran has extended military aid to the Palestinian Resistance groups.

"We declare proudly that we have supported the Palestinian nation and Hamas and we have the honor to declare that we will stand beside the Palestinian people in the hardest and most difficult conditions," Larijani said on the sidelines of a rally staged by the Iranian parliamentarians in support of the Palestinians in Gaza.

"We are proud that our aid to the Palestinian people included financial and military aspects," the Iranian speaker reiterated.


Fadjr-5 333mm multiple rocket launcher 


“We did not directly send these missiles to Gaza, but its technology was transferred from Iran to the resistance, and a large number of these missiles are being manufactured,” he added.   
Asked if Iran sends weaponry to Gaza, Jafari stated, “Iran provides technological assistance to help the world’s Muslims and the oppressed so that they can stand up to tyrants and the hegemonistic system, and what we did in Gaza was based on the same approach.”  
“We cannot send missiles to Gaza but have transferred the technology to all oppressed nations, including Gaza,” he added.

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