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Egypt bows before the Muslim Brotherhood

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It appears that Egypt has chosen poorly, trading one confirmed despot (Mubarak) for a stealth oppressor (Morsi and the well organized Muslim Brotherhood). Egyptians sang in the streets not long ago, contemplating the advent of what they saw as individual freedoms and women's rights emerging from their long night of domination. But that spring was aborted, indeed it now appears that the spring had never really been in play at all, the MB having been engaged from the first in exploiting the chaos to insert prepared cadres into the melee, and control the herd even before the stampede was in full swing.

The result has been several public milestones interlaced with many many evolving behind the scenes. Morsi and the Freedom and Justice Party have successfully inserted (or awakened) their operatives into the civilian and military government in numbers sufficient to run the state.


  • Egyptian supreme court ignored (legislature seated in defiance of the court)
  • Egyptian top general (opposition) relieved of command
  • Referendum on the “new constitution” rushed through over high court objections and abstention
  • Morsi assumes power to suspend/prosecute all "counter revolutionary" activity without judicial review

Now that the new “constitution” has supposedly been approved by plebiscite, protests notwithstanding the implementation of sharia law will more forward at a faster pace. The Egyptian high court's recent withdrawal ( a judicial "strike"?) from the constitutional conflict served not to bend the course of events, but only to further marginalize the court's own influence.

Our original view of Egyptian developments has not changed and even though we would have preferred to have been proven wrong, we were correct as ongoing events have once again demonstrated. The Syrian civil war will shortly be resolved in favor of the MB, consolidating the northern Israeli flank. Trouble is brewing and Egypt will be in the center of that vortex. The US will also attached particularly since US companies are and will provide increasing military logistics and replacement parts. We reiterate our belief that within one year (i.e. by late 2013) Egypt will have been extensively transformed and will turn its military attention back to the Sinai and Israel.


In addition to these, our opinions, we offer several references from other respected media analysts.

Mohamed-Morsi triumphs once again 


Still, Morsi sought to blame prominent opposition leaders for the escalation and even referenced mysterious "foreign powers" -- just like his despotic predecessor Mubarak.

The speech, however, did provide clarity on one point: Morsi remains intent on strictly following the course of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Islamist group wants to see their man, who won a narrow victory in summer elections, to put Egypt on the path to fundamentalist Islam. And the Muslim Brotherhood is in no mood for compromise. After more than 80 years in the political underground, Brotherhood leaders have decided to seize their chance.



One Egyptian, 19-year-old law student Ahmed Mohammed, said he voted "Yes" because Egypt "needs a constitution to be stable".

But at the same polling station in Giza, south-west of the capital, 50-year-old housewife, Zarifa Abdul Aziz, said: "I will vote 'No' a thousand times. I am not comfortable with the Brotherhood and all that it is doing."


The central bank said on Monday it would take steps to “safeguard” bank deposits, without giving any details. Rumours are rife of what sort of measures are planned.

“I have been hearing that the central bank is going to take over all our bank deposits to pay wages for government employees given the current deteriorating economic situation,” said Ayman Osama, father of two young children.

He said he had taken out the equivalent of about $16,000 from his account this week and planned to withdraw more, adding that he had also told his wife to buy more gold jewelry.

“I am not going to put any more money in the bank and neither will many of the people I know,” he said.


The charter states that the principles of sharia, Islamic law, are the main source of legislation and that Islamic authorities will be consulted on sharia - a source of concern to the Christian minority and others.

The referendum result marked yet another electoral victory for the Islamists since veteran autocrat Hosni Mubarak was toppled in 2011, following parliamentary elections last year and the presidential vote that brought Mursi to power this year.

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