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Alaskan National Guard scandal shakes the state

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We have come across an horrific story of possible criminal activity within the US military that may reach the highest echelons of the Alaska National Guard and possibly into the regular Army as well. Our commentary on this subject must remain limited at this time, however if even half of the reports are factually accurate, we can only hope that the infection is completely and thoroughly purged, and the honor of our military is restored. If the problem indeed includes trans-oceanic smuggling, murder, rape, administrative malfeasance, racial/religious discrimination, and undue command influence, we wish any and all investigators complete success. We also note that criminals always make errors in the pursuit of their crimes. Errors are much more common to men and women who are without morality and scruple and their own deeds become their undoing.

We intend to follow this sordid tale to its conclusion. But things like this often take years to unravel. Will military and other federal investigators have the patience and perseverance to see their work to its end? Will the investigation be side tracked in the hopes it will be forgotten?

Alaska National Guard 


It is said to be a cover up that goes deep.  A connection much bigger than humanly imaginable.  The drug cartel, guns trafficking, operating out of mainly Fort Greely, Alaska.  FBI agent Karl Hansen flew to Alaska with a second agent from Washington DC with orders from his superiors to
investigate the unknown deaths and claims of drug cartel operating out of Alaska, as well the 45+ reported rape victims that were left un-investigated.  Star generals are reported involved at the highest levels, and at one point, it was remarked how "this is movie stuff" shaking his head.  Colonel Blaylock when questioned said it is the residual effects of Eric Holder's Operation Fast and Furious that is being injected into our military.

Colonel Blaylock has gone to 11 sources to get help, and then in the middle of investigations, April 2012, he was terminated from the US Armed Forces after 29.5 years serving.

Sources Made Aware

        1       FBI
        2       Alaska StateTrooper
        3       Anchorage Police Department (APD)
        4       US Marshals
        5       Senator Begich
        6       Senator Murkowski
        7       Governor Parnell
        8       US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) Fort Rich
        9       Department of Army
        10      Department of Defense (DoD)
        11      Anchorage Daily News three (3) times

No one agency or department listed has started a thorough investigation that will begin to punish these crimes stated by family, in reports made by military and other officials, and now in a newer report in 2012 made by the FBI.  To date, the wrong doers continue without punishment, meanwhile justice gets delayed for the 45+ raped victims, and numerous military families who want answers as to why their loved ones died.


Illegal Activities within the Alaska National Guard
Murder, Sexual Assault, Narcotic Trafficking, and other violations are reported. It’s not that any proper investigations are performed and the results produced. But rather they are not investigated. The only actual investigations conducted are against the whistleblowers themselves. We have hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent on illegal purchases. We have a money –making religious cult being run out of a military office. We have lost facilities master-key control and sensitive equipment missing from our facilities. We have soldiers being sexually assaulted. We have soldiers coming forward wanting out of our organization’s drug culture. We have repeat attempts by senior personnel to keep minorities from being promoted or assigned to important positions. We have reports of drug cartel influence in conjunction with domestic terrorists. And we have a soldier and her baby dead 2 days after she tried to come forward with what she knew. But the only persons that are investigated, get counseled, or lose their jobs are the victims or the whistleblowers that enforced law and regulations.


The army is still investigating the death of an Alaska based soldier who died under suspicious circumstances on deployment at an outpost in Afghanistan. Private Danny Chen was found shot to death in a guard tower there.


 Two Coast Guard members were fatally shot at a communications station on Kodiak Island off Alaska, officials said Thursday.

Officials believe a third person was involved in the shooting, which appears to be a double homicide, but no one was in custody as of Thursday afternoon.

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