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EVACUATION A Family Guide for The 21st Century

Surviving Disaster Without Leaving Home

We are please to announce publication of our second book. Having published Evacuation: A Family Guide for The 21st Century, we have now completed our second book; the first edition of Surviving Disaster Without Leaving Home. Both books are now available on Amazon.

EVACUATION A Family Guide for The 21st Century

Unlike many web authors, we are not trying to hide in cyber space. In fact we are interested in contact with our readers.

We created this web site to satisfy what we see as a need to develop in-depth information on disasters, and ultimately to provide useful resources to those in need. Our reasoning is that disaster is unpleasant and disruptive, and observers (including the popular press) tend to fill the role of spectator for a short time, then move on to the next event of interest. We believe that providing a more well developed dimension of selected information may help the human family to better cope, and become motivated to help one another more freely.

Surviving Disaster Without Leaving Home

Imagine a scenario where all of the public services and normal environment you now live suddenly disappears. A disaster, either man made or natural will generate the same result. Suddenly you find yourself on your own. There are no police to protect you, no fireman to rescue you; for one reason or another you are cut off from the outside world. The stores are all closed or inaccessible, there are no gas stations open for 100 miles. Evacuation may or may not be an option. In any event, you decide to stay where you are and to make do with what you have. However, if you decide to stay, this book will help you prepare to shelter in place. By following these procedures, you can make your sheltering-in-place scenario more livable.

We are interested in giving opportunities to other authors to be published on our site. Please see our “JOIN OUR WORLDWIDE TEAM“. We are also interested in your general suggestions.

All these things having been said… WDR is located in the USA. The founders have successful careers in insurance and medicine. If the details of our lives ever become relevant we’ll make them known. Until then. let’s see where this takes all of us.

See our contact page to send an email. We will answer as we have time. Please be patient as we develop this concept. Managing the concept and software is a work in progress.

Michael & Andrew

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