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Have we passed the point of no return in Afghanistan?

We continue to read of more waste and outright fraud connected with the US presence in Afghanis...

Piracy increases now off WEST Africa

Piracy increases now off WEST Africa

  Piracy flourishes wherever ships are obliged to lie at anchor or travel without armed g...

What are they saying about the US Syria incursion?

Let the reader not misunderstand inent of the following questions, but our sifting of open sour...


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European youth fall into despair - unemployment >50%

European youth fall into despair - unemployment >50%

Even the Germans see the looming disaster. Even as claims of economic recovery rebound in the E...

Inflation hammers Egypt

How are things in Egypt these days? Aside from the growing student uprising nothing much unless...

Argentina warns Spain - you're on track to destruction

Spain's agony deepens as the unemployment rate climbs and hunger stalks the nation.Argentina's ...


What about Mr. Snowden's power point presentation?

Lawsuits over cell carrier/government complicity

Hero or traitor or something in between?

Passwords? Why bother? They can be cracked in seconds - by government computers...and this is 2012 news

Who bombed the Christian church in Tanzania?

Atlantis discovered off Rio?

Baboon's untimely death

Weapons collector has 40,000 followers on line

Boston bombing photos ***WARNING - UNCENSORED***

More Boston photos ***WARNING UNCENSORED***

Cause of fertilizer explosion confirmed

What's this about a nuclear bunker?

Snow buries Southern Qinghai, China

Kidnapped for 10 years

Murder continues unabated in Mexico

Who ate French President François Hollande's camel, and why?

Angela Merkel is not so popular in Poland

Daddy no longer loves his baby

Public attacks Greek police stations

Connecticut to ban another 100 firearms

Irag slides toward revolution - blood is flowing

Claims that America will be the next (economic) Japan

More significant economic warning signs - is the next market "correction" upon us?

Dennis Rodman reveals a great depth of understanding

FTC to apply its great resources to solving mobile device security problems

Mutant tadpoles may help humans, scientists say

China moves inexorably toward overseas battle capability


Why is the "Prometheus Trap" of interest?


Latest in Hijab fashion statements

US State dept. refuses to recognize Falklands (Malvinas)

Myanmar banking invited into US market

Disney UFO video now posted on you tube?

Argentina property sales shrink by 27% from 2011-2012 revealing serious weakness

N Korea schedules more nuclear bomb tests for 2013

A cannibal's memoirs - Indonesians a la carte

South African Blade Runner has a dark side according to some

Is there gender inequality in Bahrain?

Syria now deploys SCUD missiles, aimed at Israel?

Mexico "...said to be safe..."? (for whom?)

No democracy or rule of law in China?

How corrupt is Zimbabwe? Let's start with medical care.

Japanese scientist fired for leaking nuclear seismic risk report

Holders of Argentine bonds want 100 cents on the dollar back - imagine that! What are they thinking?

Overweight drivers more likely to die in crash

US forces to increase role in japan

Old news is still new news regarding terrorists

Why is this university teaching medical device security?

UK in the deep freeze into February...very severe cold to hit the isles

Ever wonder about block ciphers & multivariate schemes?

Yet another US strategic industry sold to a Red hinese firm

Athens covered by "thick and bitter smoke", symbolic of the crisis

Hong Kong may not be the world's freest economy soon

We warn our readers not to ride inside anyone's Zorb

Many believe Afghanistan cannot do without US troops

US National Academies say "greenhouse effect does not exist"

Has Hillary Clinton conducted foreign policy in a "new" way?

Will data warehouses disappear?

Solar cycle 24 "max" looks more like a "min". What's going on?

Hackers busy attacking major corporations

Warming or cooling - here's some more to think about

Space missions for 2013

Drone resistance mounts - demonstrations

How does mining waste help clean water?

Islamist rebels near capital in Mali - another government will soon fall

Unified military command approved for Persian Gulf states

Sweden is not as safe as one might think - just ask the residents

Fault still active beneath Japanese nuclear power plant

What is Hugo Chavez's real medical condition?

Why have Tunisian Islamists littered a whole beach with television sets?

DNA evidence may not be as foolproof as everyone thought

Your dog may need this special food bowl to save his life

Government cell phone interception explained (technical, but interesting)

Dog saves children from motorcycle

Great lakes ship graveyard discovered

Afghanistan claims its government cannot create jobs - supporting private sector is the only way

Cold enough to kill in eastern Europe


Asteroid near miss has astronomers nervous

Typhoon Bopha lays waste to Phillipines

Puzzle - no evidence of sea level rise

Are your children being turned into "agents"?

HELLADS death ray ready to be mounted on drones?

Cloud computing - is it secure or not so safe?

No room for dissent at UN sponsored climate conference

How would you know if your phone or computers have been bugged?

Polar Bear population is not in crisis, contrary to previous predictions

Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) chief attacked by Taliban in assassination attempt

Unhappy with your health care? Just beat up you doctor.

Syrian refugees stampede into Jordan

Are women really more honest than men? Ask a woman!

Hundreds killed in Philippines by Typhoon Bopha. Is Hong Kong next on the hit list?

What's a "scum village"?

Why is this nasty little bug killing so many people world wide?

Another flu season warning - or is it a false alarm?

Is USA at risk for sharp GDP drop?

Has Europe learned from the Greek crisis?

Attorneys enriched by suing poor nations

Italian youth unemployment 35% - how come the EU can't fix that?

US reporter threatened with arrest while filming TSA in action

Argentina juggles debt and Peronist history repeats itself

Will robots be used to feed the human race?

Greek bond holders will get the shaft again - when will the "haircuts" end?

Iran pushes ahead on naval deployments

DNA tests confirm bigfoot exists?

Who gets hurt going over the "fiscal cliff"?

Will Rice's appointment be rejected by the Senate?

The cost of Italian politics is going down.

Is US GDP growth gone forever due to current politice? Is it too late to save the nation?

There was no military defeat, but how come the US lost the Afghan war?

Who's ordering all the small arms ammunition in 2012?

Gold, zinc, platinum, rare earth ores discovered in Greenland - but will mining ever be allowed?

Not quite everyone agrees that that "science is settled"

It's about to hit the fan, er, wind turbine

Pennsylvania unemployment system falling to pieces

Why do Jersey Towns want to secede from Jersey Central Power & Light?

Connecticut budget woes increase, but tax hikes were no help - the State has a "shortfall not a deficit"

South American drug cartels expand into Europe

New Jersey power worker restores electricity to his ex-wife's house (hint-other neighbors were not amused)

Gasoline no longer rationed in New Jersey, but continues in New York City and Long Island.

Medellin columbia tries to kick the habit - of violence

"One stop restoration centers" opened in NYC

Did Michael Mann perjure himself regarding the Nobel Peace Prize?

US drones have been very busy. A handy way to blow things up?

Where is all the money going to come from to fix Hurricane Sandy damages?

Opinion: what did Hurricane Sandy really show us?

New Jersey evacuees shiver in tent cities

Debris still not picked up after Hurricane Issac in Mississippi.

More protesters arrested for "unlawful assembly" in 2012 than any since Hong Kong was handed over to Red China

A country without children is a country without a future

"Super Hell Cold" headed for NY and NJ?

Waiting in line for gasoline in the Hamptons? Here's how to get by....

Greek "Golden Dawn" party rises - are they fascists or patriots? Depends on who you ask.

New Jersey disaster info links below

#1 train service still a month away

#2 gasoline rationing

#3 election polling stations moved in Bergen county

#4 Governor Christie signs executive order to block insurace deductible increase

#5 Cape May N.J. damage photos

New York disaster info links below

#1 NYU hospital to reopen

#2 How they're coping in Red Hook NY

#3 rage against bloomberg's stubborn defense of NY Marathon

#4 "how to help NY" links

#5 It's NOT climate change!

Who founded the German KKK?

Kwame Kilpatrick is done with Detroit, but is Detroit done with him?

Maryland is no stranger to late season hurricanes

Italy alleges flu vaccine contamination

Iran might be able to produce 25 kg of bomb grade fissile material in three weeks after break out

UFO sightings appear to be increasing

In case you are wondering about the future...

Be careful what feathers you pick up!

Is this really steath technology?

All you ever wanted to know about why the multi-million dollar SCRAMJET crashed

Is the US really experiencing inflation?

How come we didn't hear much about the tornadoes in Mississippi?

Let's just take the whole cash register, OK?

What would happen if the earth's magnetic poles reversed?

What new trouble is brewing in South America?

What's all this about riots in Panama?

Who wins as Yemen slides downward?

"Greece will not recover.." according to German economists

Germans build church, synagogue, and mosque under same roof - the world holds it breath

What would happen if countries left the Eurozone?

Nuclear reactor argument boils over in Lithuania

Dangers of vigilante activity - a real world example

2/3 of world's gold passes through Switzerland

What cute little animals can carry the bubonic plague in California?

Experts knew and warned that the Benghazi attack was " a matter of time".

Did Nigerian 33 Lager beer really come with dead roaches (no extra charge)?

Who's sponsoring the "revolution marathon" in Egypt?

Union of South Africa lifts restrictions on oil shale fraking

Philippines make treaty with Muslim insurgents

Can Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) handle the Taliban?

Death to yard sales?

Mexico finds yet another huge oil field in the deep Gulf of Mexico

Is migrant labor the heart of Africa's m,ining trouble?

Rumors of mass fatailty, mass grave planning may have basis in fact

Would UK really veto the EU budget?

14 inches of EARLY snow in Minnesota

Is $5.69/gallon too much for gasoline?

Chinese Corporation sues US over derailed wind farm deal - national security risk?


 Will Japan or China prevail in dispute over island chain?

USGS study reveals no contamination in water due to hydraulic fracturing

Swiss banking no longer as private as some would wish

Spanish desperate as joblessness climbs

Barclays opens its own London vault to store gold-$2,000 per ounce now in sight

20% of German population is now immigrant - how is that working out?

Greek demonstrations descend into the fire - is pitched battle next?

Dollar losing value, gold and silver climbing toward breakthrough levels

Has Argentina's growth stopped due to government policies?

Sit in the right place and survive a plane crash (well, hopefully)

Is China copying US auto designs?

Is the Greek public health system about to be dissolved?

Are your computer passwords realy secure?

Shetland Islands tough on guns

Got proof? Bootleg alcohol made in the Czech republic may be a deadly brew

Slovakia accuses Britaish social services workers of "snatching children"

Venezuelan price controls aren't controlling pharmaceuticals

Rover is now a quadruped robot - beware!

Japanese plan to stuff an ancient pine tree and put steel inside to support it

Remembering 911 and the good people who lost their lives

Kuwait unrest begins to bubble, will Saudi Arabia be invited to supress the uprising?

Volcano coooking in central America

What does Red China want in Gibraltar?

Hundreds of Iraquis await execution after being convicted of "terrorist" activity

Syrian rebels now have latest MANPAD (shoulder launched anti-aircraft) missiles

Cyprus loses 25% of GDP due to Greek bailout and debt write-down

Is a revolution brewing in Bahrain?

Spain in danger from regional tsunamis, no warning system in place

Brazil court sides with Sting and film maker James Cameron, stops work on Belo Monte dam

More deadly wheat fungus discovered in South Africa, agricultural scientists gather in Beijing

French Education Minister advocates "morality classes"

Belgian to impose immediate fines of up to 250 Euros for "rude language on the street"

Economic recovery in Florida? Low paying jobs (not good ones) lead the way, but to where?

Syrians escape war to horrible refugee camps

This just in: here's why we laugh

Female Saudi director breaks new ground with file release

Dell drastically cuts full year projected financials as competition intensifies

Caterpillar moving construction machinery out of China as that economy slows

Looting in New Orleans

Alaskan government stockpiling food in huge warehouses

At least one Louisiana levee over topped by flood waters

Will levees hold as waters rise?

Is the world on the cusp of a major water crisis?

Wyoming drying up

Can the Greeks eliminate nepotism?

Russian church request state protection

West Nile virus attacks Texas with a vengeance

Dutch leader calls for lower income taxes and lower pension taxes to combat recession

"Twisted Sister" does not approve of Paul Ryan's campaign theme song

Spiders overrun Oklahoma as drought ravages Midwest

Saudi religious leaders criticise those who "pay people to follow them on twitter"

Argentina reacts strongly against US import policies

Costa Rica Social Security crashing, the finger pointing begins

India moves to control the Internet as rumors sweep the nation

Did US and Britain work out the drone "kill list" together?

Mid Eastern voices offer alternative council for Syrian solution

Pakistan refuses to conduct joint operations with US forces to attack Taliban in North Waziristan

Did US sales really increase in July? Indicators are still confusing.

Has an attack on Iran been scheduled?

Not everyone enjoyed the 2012 Olympic closing ceremonies

Chinese Navy training verssel visits Tonga twice

Nicaragua turns out ot celebrate Fidel Castro's birthday

Destroying Iran's nuclear capability less and less likely, a closing window

Egyptian military marginalized as Muslim Brotherhood increases power

Inflation increasing, growth decreasing: Brazil braces for slowdown

The real reason speed cameras were invented

New computer virus "Gauss" strikes Mideast banks, may be related to the recent "Flame" virus

Look what the "occupy Frankfurt"demonstrators left behind

Is NHS killing elderly? Will the elderly be exterminated to solve economic problems?

Greeks attempt to escape to Germany, but all is not well

Is Anthrax a risk for heroin addicts?

Amazing - US economic outlook lowered for 2012!

Curiosity on Mars, a stunning feat of organization and engineering (Martian photos at this link)

Zimbabwe torture camp discovered, diamond miners beaten and assaulted by government guards

Organ transplant scandal implicates German doctors

German rowing federation to investigate personal life of Olympic competitor

Brazil gets fat and the government is worried

Elephant protection order not enforced in India

Japan struggles with nuclear issues as TEPCO loses millions


Aleppo battleground, Assad forces and rebels showdown

London 2012 Olympics ready - or NOT!

US drought - no relief, getting worse

Get ready for beef prices to rise sharply

Ride the "Wayback Vulture" - Swiss animals have right to socialize and bathe


Extreme cold grips Antarctic - 20oK colder than usual

Ciudad Juarez violence drops - gang killings only 952 for the first half of 2012

Are terrorists enrolled in US flight schools - again?

French to investigate reason for increased shark attacks

US drought impacts the whole world

Syria threatens use of chemical weapons

People freezing to death in South America as cold grips six countries

Congo disaster aid diverted from those in need

Red  China and Russia writing gun laws for UN proposal

Mayor Bloomberg has the solution to violence

Another solar power corporation goes under - yes, it received millions in Federal money

Sharp increase in food prices predicted, but ethanol still a priority says US Agriculture Secretary Vilsack

Is another "great depression" at our door?

Spain's economy still in turmoil

German investor confidence drops, economic fears escalate

Sore throat, cough? Read about the top 10 diseases of all time.

Russian patrol boat fires on Chinese fishing vessel, ship captured, one dead

Thinking of buying a hybrid car? Stay away from (at least) these five models.

Don't worry about grocery store prices, experts say no inflation to speak of

Is all out war brewing between native Britons and Muslim immigrants?

More bad news from EU economics, further weakness revealed

Red Cross admits Syria has a civil war in progress

Stuck on you - needles found in food on four Delta flights

South African Police can't handle drug related crime, army called in to restore order

Spain increases value added tax (VAT) to 21%, slashes government office jobs, more and deeper austerity cuts pending

Egyptian parliament defies court and military

European bank run imminent?


100 men, women, children burn to death in Nigerian oil tanker fire

Has MI6 foiled Iranian nuclear plans?

Another drug tunnel discovered in Arizona

A human face discovered on Mars?

Is French culture dying or already dead?



Sunrise breaks over field training exercise with Civil Air Patrol

 World Disaster Report (WDR) staff deployed on 7/22/2012 as members of the Hall County Georgia Search and Rescue (SAR) Team and the DeKalb Georgia Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Squadron ground team. The purpose of the exercise was to practice field environment lost person search techniques, ground/air signal techniques, and test specialized equipment in an operational venue.


WDR deploys trailer and radio capabilites in Georgia WIPPTREX 2012

Big Bird set up at WIPPTREX 2012



This photo shows an oblique view of the World Disaster Report incident response unit - "Big Bird". Our unit served as an interoperative message originator and link/relay point between local hospitals and the WIPPTREX 2012 exercise. We appreciate being able to assist, and have been invited to provide similar support in other upcoming state/county level training. Please notify us if your county would benefit in having our communications assets in play.


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Greek health care system collapse accelerates

Greek health care system collapse accelerates

The decline of Greece continues unchecked as hospital beds reduce by more than 7 percent from l...

Drug testing scandal grows

Testing prospective drugs is risky business, but rewards are enormous. Since the number of drug...

How bad was it on the Triumph Cruise?

How bad was it on the Triumph Cruise?

Raw sewage gurgled up from toilets when the ship listed, rumors of armed gunmen on board spooke...

Good News

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Food Rescue organization created to help the hungry

We found this idea under way across the USA and in other areas of the world. Many needlessly go...

Americans begin relief drive to help struggling Greeks

How easy it is, when hunger or trouble comes to those far away, to shake one's head in sadness,...

The Disaster Group, Inc. assists in fund raising to prevent child…

We watched the sky apprehensively, hoping that the low gray clouds would not bring rain, at lea...


Achtung! Just how bad is a 500 year floo…

Achtung! Just how bad is a 500 year flood?

Germany was once a very well organized and resilient nation, however we opine that recent catastroph... Read more


Chemical spills cause problems in China

Chemical spills cause problems in China

Chemical spills or leaks can create problems above, on, and beneath the surface. It is good policy f... Read more


Immigration in Europe hits the wall

Immigration in Europe hits the wall

Facilitating immigration has been one of the main pillars of the European Union, however its local a... Read more


Germany abandons climate change plans

Germany abandons climate change plans

The expense of “climate change” programs in Germany has proven to be too much in the context of curr... Read more


Who's really driving? Can your automobil…

Who's really driving? Can your automobile computer be hacked?

An accident of a new species of murder? Your automobile functions are largely controlled by computer... Read more